Raleigh Youth Rugby

Raleigh Youth Rugby

Rugby is the fastest growing sport in America and it starts with our kids. Raleigh Rugby offers touch and tackle youth programs to introduce the newest Olympic sport in a fun, safe way for boys and girls of all ages. Whether your son or daughter is just wanting to get started or is looking for an opportunity to showcase their skills and play in college, Raleigh Rugby has a team for them.


Raleigh Rugby's youth program's make an effort to start kids off in a non-contact touch environment while learning the sport. However, even tackle is safer than one might expect. A study published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine showed that compared to football, the incidence of injury in rugby is quite low (10% compared to 52% in NCAA college football).


The rules are simple, the game is easy to learn, and minimal equipment is required. At Raleigh Rugby, your kids are encouraged to have fun while being develpoed into being the best rugby players they can be. Be a part of our family, enjoy our facilities and give your kids the opportunity to move up through our organization, and be a part of the fastest growing sport in the US.


Founded in 1981, Raleigh Rugby is the oldest and most competitive club in the area. With a history of winning, our Rattlesnakes are given the opportunity to play beyond the high school level. In 2017, four Rattlesnake Alumni played in College National Championships games. If your child is looking to gain college scholarships, Raleigh Rugby's youth programs are the place to start.