Raleigh Vipers Men’s Rugby

Founded in April of 1981, the Vipers have established themselves as a force to contend with. The Vipers participate in USA Rugby’s Division II Capital Union. View the Viper’s full USA Rugby League’s schedule & standings here.

We continually and enthusiastically encourage new players to join the team. While rugby experience is welcomed, we’re also willing to teach eager, wide-eyed novices all the ropes they can handle. We firmly believe that one of the key elements to a successful rugby team is trust. Trusting your fellow players creates a web of support, which also fosters challenge and unlimited skills growth. It also makes for fun on and off the pitch!

Practices (during the playing season) are Tuesdays & Thursdays from  7-9pm at the RRFC World Class Rugby Facility.

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2019: Division II- MARFU (2nd Place), Capital Union Champions
2010: Division I – MARFU (3rd Place)
2008: Division I – MARFU (4th Place)
2007: Division II – National Champions, MARFU (2nd Place)
1999: Division II – Nationals (7th Place), MARFU Champions