Raleigh Rattlesnakes Youth Touch Rugby

Raleigh Rugby Youth Touch

In April 2015, Raleigh Rugby added youth touch rugby to our family. It’s a safe, fun, easy way for kids to learn and fall in love with the newest Olympic sport. While playing at our gorgeous, Bermuda grass facilities, your kids are encouraged to have fun while encouraged and developed into the best rugby players they can be. Give your kids the opportunity to move up through the teams in our organization and be a part of the fastest-growing sport in the US.

The Rattlesnakes’ youth touch rugby teams include boys and girls from kindergarten through 2nd grade (8 & under), but welcome mature kids at age 4. Minimal equipment is required, and fun is expected.

Register here or contact us with any questions.


Practice & Touch Runaround:

  • 9:00-10:15am on Saturdays
  • Location – Poole Road Rugby Complex 
  • Cleats are required. We suggest players bring plenty of water.
  • Dates: 3/16/24 through 4/27/24 (no session on 3/30)

Player Registration & Dues:

Interested players are welcome to come check out one practice before paying dues. To register, please visit our player registration page or for more info, contact us.