Raleigh Rugby at Bugg Elementary School College Bound DAy


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A Super Big Thanks to Rattlesnake’s parent and players Peter, Eric and Graham Dykhuis, and Doug Stilwell and the Venom’s Jenn Doscher Vrieze, Kayla Thompson and Keta Sutton. Thanks also for the ever supporting Tracy Myatt and her Canon Rebel camera. Pictures coming soon.

All gave superb efforts today at the Creative Arts and Sciences Magnet School of Bugg Elementary where the school held their annual College Bound Day.

Our club hosted 6 separate sessions, with two groups of approximately 25 students per session whereby the students were introduced to the sport of rugby and took part in some really fun rugby games and skills training.
Suffice it to say that we introduced the sport of rugby to over 150 boys and girls today.

We also delivered a USA Rookie Rugby kit where they will start a rugby program in their PE classes.

Bugg Elementary is located just a few miles from our pitch and here is hoping we get some future ruggers from the experience.

What is even more refreshing is that we had more than enough volunteers and offers to volunteer (Cindy McBride).

March on Raleigh!

Tommy Myatt

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