New 15s season to start August 5, 2014

To all Players and Supporters of the Raleigh Rugby Club

As we go through the summer playing 7s, just training or letting your self go with beer and pizza, all need to be prepared for the start of a new season. We will be having fitness training session again this summer in July. I will let you know of the start date for that when Master Fitness Guru Mark Hemingway lets me know.

With the dues confusion of last season behind us, this is the policy going forward. All players must be CIPPed with Raleigh Rugby by August 19, 2014. All players must have their dues ($350 for players, $100 for Old Boys/Gals and Supporters, covers Aug 2014 – Aug 2015) paid in full before the first match. September 6 for the Vipers. NO Exceptions!! No Pay, No Play, Period. This is a policy that I asked the board to agree to, so if there are any questions or if you think you will need help paying your dues in full by the stated date, please come to me directly.

I have also asked the board to set up a donation system to fund our road trips. If this comes to pass, there will be a charter bus for each away match. Trip to Pittsburgh would be Friday to Sunday. Trip to Philadelphia an over night stay on Saturday. I have also asked that donations be sought to cover the hotel rooms on those two trips. Player financial obligation for the season would be $350 for dues and any money needed on road trips for Food and Drink.

I am sending this out now so there will be no misunderstandings come August. We need to continue the success we found this spring into the fall season. You can help by your commitment to; going to training and matches, your teammates and your fellow Raleigh Rugby Club members.

Always going forward
Rick Bell
Head Coach
Raleigh Vipers

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