Men’s Fall season to begin August 6

To all Board members as well as present, former and future Vipers,

The 2013-14 season is upon us. The first training session will be Tuesday Aug. 6, following the first annual Raleigh Rugby registration night, which will begin at 7pm, August 6 at the Pitch Pavilion. Board members will be present. This is to allow for players and non playing club members to meet and realize we are all one big family and truly want the best for Raleigh Rugby.

All Vipers should go online and get CIPPed with USA Rugby before that evening. (you may go to after Aug 1, make sure to CIPP with Raleigh Rugby Men). Along with that being done, all should bring their full dues payment of $350 ($100 for new players to Raleigh, even if you played elsewhere) This will be for the full playing year, August -July. If you are not CIPPed and have paid dues in full, you are not a club member and therefore can not play, period.

This will be the first year of the new Mid-Atlantic Rugby Conference. We will play each team in the league twice (home/away) 10 matches in the fall/4 in the spring. Top four teams will be in a Final Four Tournament to determine our National Playoff Participant.

The team made great progress last fall and continued doing so through the spring. It is time to up the level of play toward a D1 National Championship. There should be no other goal than that for all players, coaches and club members alike. Good is not good enough!
“We will strive for perfection. Though we will never achieve perfection, in the process we will gain excellence.” Vince Lombardi
This is exactly how I see the Vipers going forward. Please get on board and make the commitment to yourselves, teammates and fellow club members. Looking forward to seeing everyone on August 6 at 7pm.

Coach Bell

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