Raleigh Rattlesnakes Intro to Rugby

Rattlesnakes WinWho: High school age boys and girls

Where: Poole Road Rugby Complex

When: December 10th. 10am-3pm

What: From core skills to a full game on Friday night!

How much: $100 includes course, t-shirt and CIPP (insurance). Already Cipp’d players cost is only $55.

What do I wear? – Mouthguard, shorts, socks, rugby style top (if possible), cleats

What will you gain from the week?

  • An understanding of the game of Rugby Union Football
  • Awareness of the different positions on the field of play
  • Coaching in all the essential elements of rugby
    1. Catch
    2. Pass
    3. Tackle
    4. Ruck
    5. Maul
    6. Lineouts
    7. Scrum
    8. Kicking
    9. Laws of the game
  • We will work toward a full game on Friday night under lights
  • Creation of a passion for the game where we all run, tackle and pass!