How to CIPP

How to CIPP
Before you can play in a match, you will need to complete the CIPP registration, and pay the registration fee.
You should do this online by going to

Please read through the below instructions before beginning (so you don’t make any mistakes and end up having to go
through the registration twice!). CIPPs have to be renewed after August 15th regardless of when you registered.

1. Log-in and provide basic information (even if you’ve been CIPPed before).
If you have been a member of USA Rugby before, select your record by clicking on your name.

2. Print out and sign the waiver form (the page that says, I have printed this out & given it to my club),
and bring it to practice. The match secretary will be collecting them. We’ll also bring blank
copies to the first few practices and the team meeting.

3. Register as a “Player Senior” for the Venom (the team’s name is searchable, and is: “Raleigh Womens Rugby Club”).
Once you’ve selected the team name, click “Save” first and then “Check Out”
(DO NOT click “Check Out” until after you’ve already clicked “Save” – if you select “Check Out” first,
the “Save” function may freeze and you’ll have to start your registration all over).

4. Pay the registration fee with a credit card.


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