Raleigh RFC Schedules

Vipers 2013/2014 schedule

Date/Time Home Away Result
Sep-07 1pm Raleigh A Maryland Exiles A L 20 - 27
Sep-07 Raleigh B Maryland Exiles B
Sep-14 Baltimore-Chesapeake A Raleigh A L 18 - 0
Sep-14 Baltimore-Chesapeake B Raleigh B
Sep-21 1pm Raleigh A NOVA A W 67 - 5
Sep-21 3pm Raleigh B NOVA B W 31 - 26
Sep-28 2pm Norfolk Blues A Raleigh A L 32 - 5
Sep-28 4pm Norfolk Blues B Raleigh B
Oct-05 OFF
Oct-12 2pm Raleigh A PAC A L 29 - 31
Oct-12 4pm Raleigh B PAC B
Oct-19 Pittsburgh Harlequins A Raleigh A L 40 - 12
Oct-19 Pittsburgh Harlequins B Raleigh B
Oct-26 Maryland Exiles A Raleigh A W 26 - 36
Oct-26 Maryland Exiles B Raleigh B
Nov-02 2pm Raleigh A Baltimore-Chesapeake A L 17 - 23
Nov-02 4pm Raleigh B Baltimore-Chesapeake B
Nov-09 NOVA A Raleigh A W 14 - 26
Nov-09 NOVA B Raleigh B
Nov-16 1pm Raleigh A Norfolk Blues A L 17 - 38
Nov-16 3pm Raleigh B Norfolk Blues B
Feb-15 Raleigh scrimmage
Feb-22 1pm (Non league) Raleigh A Washington Irish A W
Mar-01 1pm (Non league) Raleigh A Washington A W
Mar-08 1pm Raleigh A Schuylkill River A W 43 - 15
Mar-08 3pm Raleigh B Schuylkill River B
Mar-15 1pm PAC A Raleigh A L 40 - 12
Mar-15 3pm PAC B Raleigh B
Mar-22 1pm Raleigh A Pittsburgh Harlequins A W 31 - 19
Mar-22 3pm Raleigh B Pittsburgh Harlequins B
Mar-29 Schuylkill River A Raleigh A L 22 - 12
Mar-29 Schuylkill River B Raleigh B
Apr-26 D1 Championship (Final Four)

Venom 2013/2014 spring schedule

Date/Time Home Away Result
Aug-24 Scrimmage vs. Norfolk Venom
Sep-07,08 Battle Of The Borders Tournament Raleigh Venom
Sep-15 (Sun) 1pm Raleigh Venom Maryland Exiles W 53 - 10
Sep-21 Fort Bragg Raleigh Venom W 63 - 0
Sep-28 DC Furies 2 Raleigh Venom W 12 - 45
Oct-06 (Sun) Atlanta Quins 2 Raleigh Venom
Oct-12 12noon Raleigh Venom Maryland Stingers W 84 - 0
Oct-19 1pm NOVA Raleigh Venom W 7 - 64
Oct-26 3pm Raleigh Venom Pittsburgh Angels L 19 - 48
Nov-02 1pm Norfolk Raleigh Venom L 53 - 21
Nov-22 7:30pm UNC Raleigh Venom W 20 - 42
Feb-15,16 Heartbreak 15's Norfolk VA
Feb-22 11am Raleigh Venom Fort Bragg W
Mar-01 Raleigh Venom NCSU L
Mar-08,09 St Pattys Tournament Savannah GA
Mar-22,23 Ruggerfest Tournament Washington DC
Mar-29 CXD Raleigh Venom James River CXD
Apr-05 12noon Severn River Raleigh Venom L 39 - 5 Regional Playoffs @ Severn River
Apr-12 Bye/Open
Apr-19 NOVA Raleigh Venom
Apr-26 Regional Championships
May-03 ECU Raleigh Venom
May-10 Scrimmage
May-17 National Playoffs (Eastern US) Wilmington DE
May-24 National vs. American Championship

U-19/Youth 2014 spring schedule

Raleigh Rattlesnakes
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Date/Time Home Away Result
Feb-01 11am Round Robin
(Chapel Hill, Southern Pines, Rattlesnakes)
Raleigh Rattlesnakes Chapel Hill NC
Feb-15 2pm Raleigh Rattlesnakes Triad Chapel Hill NC
Feb-22 1pm 10am Chapel Hill Raleigh Rattlesnakes W 24 - 36
Mar-01 11am Raleigh Rattlesnakes Union County Lions L Raleigh
Mar-01 1pm Chapel Hill Highlanders Charlotte Tigers Raleigh
Mar-15 1pm Southern Pines Raleigh Rattlesnakes W 26 - 31
Mar-22 2pm Charlotte Tigers Raleigh Rattlesnakes
Mar-29 11am Raleigh Rattlesnakes Triad W 43 - 15
Apr-22 CXD Raleigh Rattlesnakes Triad forfeit W 1st Round State Playoffs
Apr-26 1pm Union County Raleigh Rattlesnakes W 36 - 45 2nd Round State Playoffs
May-10 Charlotte Tigers Raleigh Rattlesnakes forfeit W 0 - 35 State Championship Greensboro NC

Raleigh NCYRU (U15,U13,U11,U9):

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