Raleigh Cobras Middle School Girls Rugby

Raleigh Cobras Middle School Girls Rugby

Beginning Spring 2019, Raleigh Rugby will be offering the only Middle School Girls Rugby team in Eastern North Carolina. While our hope is that the program will continue to grow, it’s going to take some time. In the meantime, we take advantage of every opportunity for the girls to play together while also encouraging them to play on our Juniors 12U coed side. All of our girls last season played on both teams and had a BLAST…they even won a State Championship! If you have any questions about what the season may look like or anything else, please reach out!

As the only club in NC with a nationally competitive Division 1 Women’s team, Raleigh’s middle and high school girls programs benefit from working with female coaches that have played high caliber rugby at a national level. The team will have the unique opportunity to work directly with some of Raleigh’s Women’s players at instructional camps and various other events.

Players of all skill levels are welcome to join us at any point during the season.

**Player must in 5th-8th grade in order to play with our Middle School Girls Team. High school freshman ages 14, must register for our high school girls team.**


Our Middle Schools Team is currently playing coed rugby with your Juniors 12U team. Please visits this page for more information.