Membership Dues

As an RRFC member, your participation helps provide gear, equipment and other club costs as well as maintain your facility that is the envy of many clubs across the United States.

2019/2020 Club Dues Structure

  • Dues may be paid via the form below
  • Dues must be paid or an arrangement must be made by the end of August 2018. If joining mid-season, dues must be paid before a member’s first match.
  • New players are encouraged to speak to their coaches about discounted first season dues. This does not apply to youth teams.
  • Scholarships are given, when possible, to youth players in need. Any player struggling with dues payments is encouraged to contact the club president for help. RRFC wants everyone to enjoy the game despite financial hardships.
  • Each player is responsible to CIPP on their own with the exception of youth players (K-12) whose registration is included in dues costs.
  • If registering a family of at least 3, RRFC offers a family plan of $450 for the year.
  • Auto-draft options are available for family plans, as well as returning player Venom DI, Vipers DII and Vipers DIII dues.

Non-Playing Members

  • Non-playing member dues are $100 per season (August through July)
  • Benefits of a non-playing dues membership include:
    • 1 vote in the yearly Board of Director’s Elections
    • Inclusion in our monthly newsletter including our Board of Director’s Meeting Minutes so you can stay up to date on club news & info

Venom DI/Vipers DII & DIII

  • Returning player dues are $350
  • Summer 7s only (for players who have not paid yearly dues), dues are $100 and must be made in a full, one-time payment.
  • Dues must be paid in full, or by a monthly auto-draft via the form below.
  • If joining in the Fall, players new to the club may pay $100 for their Fall Season and $175 for the Spring. If joining in the Spring, players may pay $100 for their Spring season and pay returning player dues the following year. An initial payment of $50 is due upon starting – payment of the other $50 expected 1 month following start.

High School Girls & Boys Dues

  • High School Girls & High School Boys
    • $250 (includes USA Rugby Registration/CIPP)
    • Summer only dues (Apr. ’19 – July ’19) are $100.
    • Opportunities are available for those in financial need. Please email Sunny Myers with any concerns.

Youth Touch, Rookie, Junior and Middle School Dues

  • Touch (K-4th grades): $100 (includes USA Rugby Registration/CIPP)
  • Rookies (3rd/4th), Juniors (5th/6th) & Middles School (7th/8th) players: $150 (includes USA Rugby Registration/CIPP)
  • Opportunities are available for those in financial need. Please email Sunny Myers with any concerns.