Membership Dues

As an RRFC member, your participation helps provide gear, equipment and other club costs as well as maintain your facility that is the envy of many clubs across the United States.

Sponsorship Bonus: Due paying members who secure a sponsorship during their playing year may be eligible to receive credit towards their dues. For more info on sponsorship packets, click here.

  • Platinum Sponsorship = $350 off dues
  • Gold Sponsorship = $175 off dues
  • Silver Sponsorship = $100 off dues
  • Bronze Sponsorship = $75 off dues
  • Custom Sponsorship = Negotiable

2017/2018 Club Dues Structure

  • Dues may be paid via the form below
  • Dues must be paid or an arrangement must be made by the end of August 2017. If joining mid-season, dues must be paid before a member’s first match.
  • Each player is responsible to CIPP on their own
  • If registering a family of at least 3, RRFC offers a family plan of $450 for the year.
  • Auto-draft options are available for family plans, as well as returning player Venom DI and Vipers DII dues.

Venom DI/Vipers DII

  • Returning player dues are $350
  • Dues must be paid in full, or by a monthly auto-draft via the form below.
  • If joining in the Fall, players new to the club may pay $100 for their Fall Season and $175 for the Spring. If joining in the Spring, players may pay $100 for their Spring season and pay returning player dues the following year. An initial payment of $50 is due upon starting – payment of the other $50 expected 1 month following start.

Vipers Division IV

  • Player dues are $100

Rattlesnakes Varsity/Junior Varsity

  • Dues for all players is $200.

Rattlesnakes U8, U10, U12 & U14

  • U8 & U10 players: $100
  • U12 & U 14 players: $125

Venom U19 Juniors

  • $150 for Spring